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Illustrator / Project Manager
Illustrator Meilena Hauslendale

Meilena Hauslendale

MeHa Studios produces fine art, illustrations, and commissioned works for both business and private collectors. We work with you to meet your artistic needs. Our designs can be transferred over to fabric or canvas. We create custom art for your business to suit your needs. Hire us for your industry driven designs.

Creative Director / Photographer
Photographer Valdormar Hauslendale

Valdormar Hauslendale

In-house expert and photographer for all of our customer creative needs. Product shots, catalogues, digital and print brochures, and book layouts. Take your custom art creation one step further on products you need from business cards to promotional items.

Our Creative Wonderland
Our Creative Wonderland

Seattle, WA

We are located in the great Northwest, Seattle, WA. This is the place we call home. If you are a local be sure to reach out and say hello. We support local art and photography and would love to know about your organization.

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Artist Interview with TheAbundantArtist.com (Utah, USA)

This interview is absolutely golden. Meilena, the Sharpie Artist, gives a master class in selling art in the first 8 minutes. She runs through a treasure trove of ideas, and we then spend the next 15 minutes breaking down a few of those ideas into more detail.

Art Classes at Acting Out Art Studio (St. Paul,MN, USA)

Sharpie Art classes were taught in St Paul, MN by local art instructor Pamela Pitman on behalf of Acting Out Studio. They taught several students about Artist Meilena Hauslendale’s style using Sharpie Markers & Watercolor. Everyone had a lot of fun and freedom in creativity which was perfect. "You don't have to be an artist to create art." ---Meilena Hauslendale

Artist Interview with Art Palaver (Fort Collins, CO)

How would you describe your art? "My art is based on my reflections of the world around me. I observe. I learn. I feel… then I create. I often have themes in my art. Sometimes I use symbolism and sometimes whimsy to portray the mood or thoughts I may have at that particular moment. Whatever the mood, I like bold lines and vibrant colors. For me, my art is like a photograph, capturing a moment in my life that I can always look back on."

Featured Article in Art Palaver (Fort Collins, CO)

The Modern Day Artist Living in the Modern Day World
An artist in today’s world faces a variety of challenges that may or may not have been present before. Our goals have changed, our desires to share our imagery and visualization have taken on a whole new set of guidelines and rules. After all, artists have become just as divided as religions with the many facets they are labeled with. When it comes down to it though, we all bleed red, despite the medium we choose to use, and starving or not, we need to create art and make a living simultaneously.

Writers Manual Interview with Meilena Hauslendale

I actually began my career in the Communications industry being a radio personality on-air and performing station management. I did this for several years and soon entered into the music industry. But even throughout all of these different migrations into branches of the arts, I still continued to write a monthly column for a local newspapers. I then started doing art back in 1997 and a different side of me was allowed to emerge through lines and colors. I enjoyed this part of expression so much because it related to my perspectives on life and the reality of who I was.


SOKY Happenings, "ScareCrow" Featured on the Cover
Shelbyville Times, Shelbyville,TN - Feature Article on artist and use of Sharpie Markers
Tabellae Ansatae - distributed in Japan, Germany, UK, and Australia featuring an article with artist and her recent collection
New Works Review, Featured Artist - Houston,TX, Spire Magazine
Featured Artist , featuring MotherMoon II and iAm I- New York,NY, Rearview Magazine
Art Cover, "LifeMiles" - Boston, MA
Aquarius Magazine, Art Cover, "BrokenYoke" - Atlanta, GA
Thunder Sandwich, Featured Artist -"PurseString, BlindLiberty, SolLuna, PesCardo"- Nashville,TN
Sanford Corporation Lifetime of Color Featured Artist- Chicago, IL
The Gutenberg Litegraphic Society
Featuring "TinMan"- Salt Lake City, UT


Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
Coopersmith's Pub, Ft. Collins, CO
The Oriental Theatre,
Femme Fatale Show, Denver, CO
The Oriental Theatre, Month
Divine Intervention, Denver, CO
Maya Bleu, Fort Collins, CO
Tony Awards, Atlanta, GA
Art Station, Stone Mountain, GA
Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
Eddie's Attic, Decatur,GA
Fringe Festival, Atlanta,GA
Schuster Theater, Gannon University, Erie, PA
Roswell Cafe, Seattle, WA